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soulful doing resources

Where else could you explore?

Over the years, these resources influenced the way I think and act. As a result, now we’re having a Soulful Doing concept that is about creating meaningful projects by interacting with the body and the environment, so that these projects contribute to a larger whole, a global world we live in.

Feeling Resources:

Spiritual Ecology

Emergence Magazine and David Abram’s books

New! Drama
I discovered it when working in a school in 2021. Still learning.
Forest Ecotherapy

“Shinrin-Yoku” book by Qing Li


Dalai Lama’s book “Beyond Religion: Ethics for a Whole World”


I don’t have a resource yet

Biophilic Design
Plants, stones, colours, aromas, lights, aquariums in your space.
Stoic Philosophy

“Letters from a Stoic” book by Seneca


“The Psychobiotic Revolution” book; Biohacking course

Thinking Resources:

Living Systems Thinking

Fritjof Capra’s online course, Lynn Margulis’ “The Symbiotic Earth” and “Entangled Life” by Merlin Sheldrake

Self-Actualisation & Human Needs

Scott Barry Kaufman’s book and an online course “Transcend”

Global Goals
17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by United Nations

Buckminster Fuller Institute’s (BFI) “Trimtab Space Camps”

Chaos Theory

“The Tipping Point” book by Malcolm Gladwell, “Antifragile” book by Nassim Nicholas Taleb


Doing Resources:

Project-Based Learning

Inspired by self-organised learning by Sugata Mitra

Reflection in Learning

A method about 3 questions that I will add later here

Learning How to Learn

I love this course, even if it’s more about learning for knowledge acquisition, rather than doing

Workflowy app is my favourite
Rapid Prototyping

“Sprint” book and method by ex Googler Jake Knapp

Rapid Business Planning

Lean Canvas and “The Lean Startup” book by Eric Ries

Inbound Marketing


Seth Godin, CopyBlogger
Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking method by Sean Ellis

Project Management
OKR, Agile on Trello
Elementor and WordPress.org
UX Design

NN Group, Jobs to Be Done


Google’s resources and Yoast

soulful doing resources

What else to include into this list?

Recommend me a book, an online course, a concept or an app. I love learning!