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What does ogiziu name mean?

TL;DR: Ogiziu means being passive and active at the same time. Passiveness to pause and Activeness to inquire.

“My dear Ogiziu, tell me, do you know what does your name mean?” asked Ruta.

“Surely I do. But let me trick your mind. Alright? And so remember the last time you felt an emotion taking all over your body. C’mon, have it?”


“In that moment, I invite you to stop. Pause.”


“And now, say “Hmm”. Go on, inquire about what you’re feeling. What does that emotion want to tell you?”

“I’m not going to tell You! LOL.”

“Fine fine. But see. What we did here was in fact a dance, a dance between passiveness and activeness, same like in my symbol: a spiral like roots and fruits. We dive inward to sprout outside.”

“Wait, whaaat?? Less academics, please!”

“Alright, so we stop to pause and to uncover the riddle, the secret code of body language, (if we see emotions as a chemical language of our body that gets cool, isn’t it??). Anyway, that’s where creativity begins, in that moment of chemical reaction in our body. This is deep creativity rooted to our real experiences and sensations in the body.”

“Mind blown.”

“Did I mention that ogiziu is like a breath? Pause to breathe in and inquire when breathing out. (laughs)”


“Oh, by the way, let’s geek out some more! Ogiziu name has roots in Lithuanian language which is one of the oldest alive Indoeuropean languages. In Lithuanian, ogiziu is a sentence made out of two rare words “ogi” and “žiū”, used to mark a moment of awe, when something is understood. In fact, these two words are interjection type of words that are used to express sensations. Yeah, I love geeking out about grammar!!”


“Anyway, an easy way to remember ogiziu is to train our self-talk to breathe and whisper – “wow, look”!

“Well, that was quite a trip. Thank you, my dear beastie!!” said Ruta, the creator of ogiziu.

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