soulful doing

What is ogiziu?

ogiziu is an interactive project that invites to create, even if you’re a creativity newbie.

During creative learning expeditions, we’ll blend imagination, business, technology and spirituality. ogiziu means “wow, I see!!” to mark awe moments and celebrate how inner children play.


What matters?

Passiveness to notice
Playfulness to emerge
Freedom to be free
Friendship, because.
mission as a habit



Promoting interaction as a way to solve personal problems and create.

vision as an ideal

Where to?

Soulful Doers tribe of 1000.

A community of soulful doers who play, co-create meaningful services on this planet Earth and feel a deep sense of co-existence.



Soulful Doing

Soulful Doing is an embodied approach to creative expression, where ideas birth out of the body and mind connection (feeling, doing, thinking), rather than the mind solely (thinking). How? Inquiring into emotional experiences and creating led by the senses first. Moreover, soulful doing contributes to a larger whole, a global world we live in.

plasticine human is a symbol of Mirror Project course at ogiziu
a family of methods

How so?

spirituality & ecology
technology & design
imagination & thinking
business & marketing

Hi, I'm a creator Ruta

I create from the forest in Lithuania. Previously I created from the forest in Ireland (West Cork) and the city (Dublin). That’s where I got to play with all the methods mentioned on this page! It was quite some time, a decade of collecting my favourite tools. Now, it’s time to share my tools with you!