soulful doing
snail is a symbol of soulful doing at ogiziu
a portal to imagination

Creativity is a need.

Hey, soul. Fancy a deep dive into creativity? Well, welcome. I invite you to activate your creative energy and start your first ever creative project, online. But, it’s a secret, of course!

spell #1

Hello creative soul,


Slow down and feel. Your inner child lives inside your heart. Slow down even more, and you’ll remember how fun feels like.

Welcome to soulful doers space. You just earned the first spell in the language of creativity. Now, ready for a deep dive?

online experiences

Beasties Course

Discover all sides of who you are and channel your natural imagination towards action. In this project-based course, you’ll learn the basics of soulful doing and grow digital skills.

Hey hey, I'm Ruta

I’m that weirdo who loves snails! I still wonder, how do snails get so fast in the rain… Turbo snails! I feel that people grow the same way. Well, I do. I slow down to enter through an imaginary door where a creative flow lives and then something happens, I create like a turbo snail… LOL. Well, snails came to me through the forest expeditions in Ireland and Lithuania and online, but let me tell you the whole story over a virtual coffee call.

Follow my ideas that land in the forest


Identity Make Over

This post is about an exploration primer or how to start with self-actualisation if you haven’t done any self-expression activities

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